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Security Integration Engineering Professional Certification

Cyber-threats to your organization are increasing at an exponential rate. Are you countering those threats by employing an incremental response by hiring outsiders to try and keep up? Or are you increasing the bench-strength of your most trusted, invested employees … Continued

Business Analysis Techniques

There are a number of generic business techniques that a business analyst will use when facilitating business change.  I have experienced that most clients projects use SWOT, supplemented with 5Ys and 6 Thinking Hats.  But there are many more ways to facilitate … Continued

What Does a Business Analyst Do? Part 5 – Responsibilities of the BA

Responsibilities of the BA The BA has many responsibilities throughout a project.  These include – Managing overall solution requirements Seeking approval of requirements from the business sponsor Producing and/or contributing to key project deliverables Documenting the BRD Implementing process improvement … Continued

What Does the Business Analyst Do? Part 4 – Role of the BA vs. Other Roles in the Organization

Role of the BA vs. Other Roles in the Organization ​In addition to the project manager, systems analyst, and test manager, there are several other roles on the project team that the BA interacts with throughout the business analysis process.  … Continued

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