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Business Analysis Techniques

There are a number of generic business techniques that a business analyst will use when facilitating business change.  I have experienced that most clients projects use SWOT, supplemented with 5Ys and 6 Thinking Hats.  But there are many more ways to facilitate … Continued

What Does a Business Analyst Do? Part 5 – Responsibilities of the BA

Responsibilities of the BA The BA has many responsibilities throughout a project.  These include – Managing overall solution requirements Seeking approval of requirements from the business sponsor Producing and/or contributing to key project deliverables Documenting the BRD Implementing process improvement … Continued

What Does the Business Analyst Do? Part 4 – Role of the BA vs. Other Roles in the Organization

Role of the BA vs. Other Roles in the Organization ​In addition to the project manager, systems analyst, and test manager, there are several other roles on the project team that the BA interacts with throughout the business analysis process.  … Continued

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