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From market research and business analysis to marketing campaigns and audience analysis I have assembled a world class team of certified analysts in a whole host business disciplines that your business can access through me.


I am responsible for shepherding some of the most creative marketing solutions my clients have ever seen. Whether finding just the right pixel color, social engineering techniques, or partnering with the Ford and Elite Model agencies. My clients have access to the most creatively beautiful minds in the business.


Every business exists for one purpose and one purpose only…to maximize the wealth of its shareholders. It’s a mantra I take into every relationship. This is what has led to unimaginable returns of investment enjoyed by my clients. The bottom line is that I focus on my clients bottom line.


From creating foundations, to holding board positions, to providing my services pro bono, I truly believe your business is part of a global community. I have an impressive track record of partnering businesses with those whose job it is to help the most vulnerable in your community that reaps benefits for all involved.

About Bill

Creative Director and Owner of Alpha Dawn
"If you love what you do you never work a day in your life."

Hello, I’m Bill Corrigan! Welcome to my website! I am the Owner and Creative Director at AlphaDawn, a creative agency that specializes in branding, guerrilla marketing, mystery shopping, and organizational services. Under the AlphaDawn umbrella I manage the ClientDog and Home Name Registry brands. During my 30-year marketing and product career I’ve had the pleasure of working on global consumer brands, financial services, banking, hospitality, luxury brands, celebrities, athletes, sports organizations, fashion designers, charitable organizations, home improvement chains, grocery stores, themed restaurants, logistics companies, dot coms, app developers, academic institutions, and governmental agencies to name a few. A more detailed timeline can be found here: I am also known to paint in my spare time.

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My Brands

Here are some of the brands that I oversee
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Alpha Dawn

Creative Agency
Alpha Dawn is a creative agency that helps clients build strong brands, win fans, and cultivate world class customer experiences.
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Retail Consulting Brand
The ClientDog brand represents retailers’ provider of choice in providing a world-class client experience in the retail space.
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Home Name Registry

Luxury Brand
The Home Name Registry provides the world with a premium, secure, and recognized home name registry.
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Billy Splatts! Studios

Fine Art
Billy Splatts! Studios provides custom fine art to the world’s most discerning tastes in the abstract art world.


"You like me, you really, really like me!"

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